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  • Get a BAAS pro to your home or business within two hours or less, guaranteed.
  • Track BAAS pros using our app to see how close they are to your location.
  • Choose from a range of competitively priced tasks and services.
  • See a service provider’s qualifications, past ratings, and reviews before you hire.
  • No spam —your contact details are only shared with the BAAS pro you hire.
  • You only pay when your work gets done.

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What Is BAAS?

“BAAS” is a Sri Lankan word that means “Boss,” and it’s pronounced the same way as the English word. When placed in front of someone’s profession, like with 'baas plumber,' it’s meant to show appreciation and recognition for that person’s skill level. In creating BAAS, we were inspired to develop an on-demand work app that allows customers to connect with skilled service providers who are committed to showing up on time and getting the job done.

Hiring a BAAS professional is as easy as ordering a ride from Uber.

Our goal is to create a fast, effective matchmaking experience for contractors looking for new customers and people who want to hire them. We remove the friction found in other on-demand job apps, so you can view competitive rates and contractors’ qualifications and quickly select the professional best fit for the job. Get started today!

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What You’ll Love About Using BAAS:

  • Easily see what past jobs a BAAS pro completed and how customers rated them.
  • Filter service providers based on ratings and additional credentials.
  • Upload videos and pictures to make your job descriptions as detailed as possible.
  • Get started fast! Once you pick a BAAS pro, they accept your job offer within 30 minutes and start working within 2 hours.
  • Use our hold feature if a job needs extra time to be completed.
  • Cancel your job within 2 hours for free if your work is no longer needed.

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