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  • Complete as many jobs as you like every day.
  • Get paid even if a customer cancels a job.
  • Get full details, including pictures and videos about each job, before you bid.
  • Set your own prices, and only pay for leads that become actual jobs.
  • No upfront costs. We only get paid when you get paid.

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Choose from 21 categories in total! Become an expert provider in up to 5 categories.

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What Is BAAS?

BAAS pronounced "Boss," means exactly that in Sinhala, the language of Sri Lanka. After spending time in the island country, we were inspired by how helpful, and highly regarded handymen and handywomen were. In Sri Lanka, when someone uses "Baas" it means you are expertly skilled. Anyone who applies the word in front of the work you do, such as 'baas mechanic,' is acknowledging your level of expertise.

Get to your next job within 2 hours, earn ratings that lead to more work!

BAAS is an on-demand work app for quick jobs that a contractor can get started within 2 hours or less. While completing jobs quickly is vital, BAAS pros have the flexibility to request more time to complete a project if needed. BAAS is simple to use—download the app, fill in your credentials, and start helping people. You work as little or as much as you want!

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Why You Need To BAAS Up!

In the U.S., we've noticed a common complaint among contract professionals; popular on-demand handyman apps lack the respect and consideration that professional contractors are craving. These apps don't just fail to meet the needs of handymen and handywomen but also customers' needs too. Customers find it difficult to hire a handyman fast because third party apps put up multiple barriers between customers and contractors. We want hiring a handyman or handywoman to be as easy as ordering a ride through Uber.

Common complaints service providers have about on-demand work apps:

All of these problems come about when quick-gig companies place making profit over the needs of contractors and customers.

At BAAS, we want people to use our app and have a great experience.

Try out the BAAS app today. There's no upfront cost, and you pay nothing until your customer pays you!

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Special Offer For New BAAS Pros!

We pay BAAS professionals 80% of every dollar made on a job and keep just 20% to support the app. As a special welcome offer for new BAAS contractors, we will only charge 5% on your first 10 jobs before switching you to our regular pricing. This gives you the opportunity to get established as a trusted BAAS provider.